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the NABC Method is a tool used for the development, assessment, and presentation of ideas.

Who should use it and why?

the Method can be used by everyone(students, teachers, managers, developer, consultants, designer, speakers, entrepreneur, banker, designer, ..) who wants to organize and present an idea or a concept to a specific public. Easily and without any stress. You can use it to plan your next annual meeting with your boss, job interview, school presentation, sales pitch or even to pick up girls.

What is the approach: how does it work?

There are 2 groups of people. Idea-maker(presenter or the thinker) and end-users(public or people who listen to you and want to understand your idea or propositions). The method generates relevant and specific questions to bring out the value proposition of your idea. All questions must be answered. They are based on the

  • Needs: what are the problems to solve? who are the end-users concerned?

  • Approach: What is the value proposition? is it unique? why are they relevant?

  • Benefit: what benefit do your idea bring to you (or your organization) and your end-users(public)?

  • Competition: what are the alternatives? what makes your idea better than the others? is there any Risks

during the creation of the idea the following rules must be taken into consideration:

  • define Roles with people from different Background if you are not alone

  • Negative criticism must be banned

  • ask the opinion of end-users

  • how you present depend on the type of public listening. always used vocabulary appropriate to the public

What is the benefit of this method?

  • present ideas in an easily accessible and captivating way

  • can be combined with other Methods like SWOT-analysis and many more

  • End-users are part of the process. it makes sure your idea is relevant to the listeners

  • it focuses on the importance of the idea rather than whether or not it is interesting

  • it can be used in many different metier or activity sector

What are the alternatives and risks?

The most important risk is laziness. Not taking the opinion of the end-user in consideration may negatively impact the offered value proposition.

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